Are the apartments furnished?

​Yes, our community offers fully furnished apartments! For additional information on what furniture pieces may be included, please contact our leasing office.

What's included in the lease?

​The leasing term includes the use of the furnished private and common areas as well as water, sewage, trash, and internet. Each resident is responsible for paying for their electricity and gas (if applicable).

Are pets permitted on the property?

​Dogs and cats are permitted with a signed pet addendum and monthly fee. Please inquire about restricted breeds.

Is parking available?

​Yes, parking is available. Please contact the leasing office for additional information.

What upfront payment is required with the lease?

​There is a $99 non-refundable administration fee, and $35 application fee per applicant, and a security deposit. Please contact the leasing office for more information regarding our security deposit.

Why do I need to pay a security deposit?

​Your security deposit is kept on file until your lease ends. After you move out, the deposit goes toward covering any cleaning, painting, or repairs needed before being returned to you.

When are my monthly rent payments due?

​Rent is due on the first of each month.

How do I make my monthly rent payments?

​Residents are able to make payments via an online portal with an eCheck, credit card, or debit card. Money Orders, Cashier Checks, and personal checks are also accepted in person at the leasing office.

Can I choose my roommate, bedroom, and/or apartment?

​Yes! If you have a specific roommate, bedroom, and/or apartment in mind, communicate that with the leasing office so that they are able to address your request. Keep in mind that this is dependent upon availability and space at the time of your request. You are encouraged to reach out sooner than later to guarantee the fulfillment of any preferences.

If my roommate leaves, do I have to pay their rent?

​No! All beds are leased on an individual basis. You are only responsible for your individual lease agreement.

What if I don't have a roommate in mind?

​No problem! While we do not offer roommate matching services, you will be asked a few questions of preference to place you in a well-suited unit of your same gender. We also have individually keyed bedroom doors in each apartment for privacy and security.

What is Rent Plus?

RentPlus is a suite of financial tools that you can use to enhance, monitor, and protect your financial health. Once enrolled RentPlus will report your on-time monthly rent payments to the credit bureaus helping you to establish a positive payment history and improve your credit. This program is a voluntary amenity. If you have any questions or choose to opt-out, please reach out to the RentPlus Support Team [email protected] they are happy and willing to assist you.

What is the Liability Waiver Program

For a small monthly fee of $11 paid in addition to your rental payment, you are relieved from your liability insurance requirement.  In exchange for this fee, we waive our right to seek reimbursement from you for up to $100,000 for damage to our property from fire, smoke, explosions, water damage, including sewer back-up or falling objects when such damage is caused by the negligent action or inaction of a resident, occupant, or guest. 

What if I have renters insurance?

Submit a copy of your policy to and our partner Confirm Insurance will review the policy to determine if it complies with the lease addendum.